Tuesday, April 7, 2015

L-Arginine and Weight Loss

Research and studies continue showing that taking L-arginine can help you with healthy weight loss. One study suggested that the amino acid L-arginine does promote weight loss. Weight loss results from L-arginine are becoming more and more common as more people begin to use it.

Does L-Arginine Actually Help You Lose Weight?

The answer is yes! Researchers found that L-arginine can be useful in fighting central (visceral) obesity. Central obesity is alarming because it is linked to a higher cardiometabolic risk.

Another study found that obese participants who took L-arginine lost more adipose fat mass and decreased their weight circumference more than other participants on the same diet. The amino acid L-arginine offers many benefits including supporting individuals to lose weight.

How Does L-Arginine Help People Lose Weight?

Weight loss from L-arginine is a result from increases in nitric oxide production that helps support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. It also has been shown to help regulate hormone functions and also may increase the level of key hormones that are related to weight loss.

L-arginine enables IGF-1 and additional key hormones to align with muscle receptors to burn fat, increase energy, and support healthy muscle growth. L-arginine also boosts nitric oxide production to improve delivery of nutrients throughout the body. This helps boost energy and endurance, which helps users to burn more calories.

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