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Getting L-arginine In Your Diet

We consume a variety of foods on a daily basis that provide us with L-arginine. However, it is fairly difficult to track your intake through your diet.

Individual amino acids are not listed on nutrition facts labels. However, consuming the recommended allowance of protein usually gives a sufficient amount of L-arginine. The Institute of Medicine recommends women get 46g of protein daily and men consume 56g.

l-arginine nutrition

For healthy people, getting enough protein is key to getting enough L-arginine. For individuals looking for additional cardiovascular health support, more L-arginine may be the key in doing so.
Of course consuming more protein in your diet can provide additional L-arginine, but to see substantial benefits of increasing levels of L-arginine, you should take it as a supplement.

L-arginine Plus provides users 5,110mg of L-arginine with every serving.

Sources of Food that Provide L-arginine

The best sources of L-arginine are foods with lots of protein like pork, beef, chicken, turkey and dairy. The foods with the highest amount of protein include seafood like tuna, salmon, halibut, trout, tilapia and even canned anchovies.
You can also get L-arginine in some plant-based foods such as soybeans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts and walnuts.  Sweet green peppers and seaweed spirulina also offer higher amounts of L-arginine.
And lastly, you can get L-arginine nutrition from grains like quinoa, oats and wheat germ, as well as a variety of cereals made from oats, rice and wheat. 
TAKE NOTE - While some foods provide higher amounts of L-arginine, they can also contain ingredients such as sodium you may want to avoid.

Do I Need To Supplement L-arginine If My Diet Has It?

Even if you are healthy, there are several good reasons to supplement your diet with L-arginine.
L-arginine provides a large variety of benefits from providing cardiovascular health support, to healthy sexual performance, to supporting muscle growth.
L-arginine helps boost nitric oxide production in the body. People that supplement with L-arginine notice that it helps to support overall health and well-being.
Supplementing with L-arginine can be of benefit to both men and women.
Natural sources of L-arginine such as fruits, veggies, nuts and other proteins are extremely beneficial when it comes to getting enough L-arginine. Supplementing can help you see even greater improved health as L-arginine gives you an overall health boost that you might not get through L-arginine from your diet alone.
With L-arginine, as with any new supplement you incorporate into your diet, you should do your research and consult with your doctor. Your doctor will be better able to understand your situation and help you avoid any potential health concerns when taking any type of supplement.
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