Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Take L-arginine Plus?

At Elements of Health Care, we get frequently asked why L-arginine Plus is the best Nitric Oxide booster for supporting cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and so much more.
There are a number of different reasons why choosing L-arginine Plus is the best option.

The Basics

The low price and free shipping make L-arginine Plus the logical choice when it comes to cardio health products, and we have done everything we can to help users see results.
For people who are new to Nitric Oxide supplementation, there are a few key components that drastically effect your body’s ability to create Nitric Oxide. L-arginine Plus utilizes key ingredients to deliver everything you need in order to see all benefits available from increased Nitirc Oxide in your body.
Clearly L-arginine Plus is your best choice when it comes to boosting your Nitric Oxide.

Quality and Source of L-arginine

L-arginine Plus strictly uses the highest quality of l-arginine available in the entire world. It is called “free form” pure elemental l-arginine, and it is manufactured and purchased from Japan. This l-arginine is derived through a natural microbial fermentation process that yields the l-arginine in its highest bioavailablity.

You may not be familiar with “free form” l-arginine. This type of l-arginine means that the l-arginine is not bound to any other molecule. For example, L-arginine HCl is l-arginine that is bound to Hydrochloric Acid. L-arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate is l-arginine bound to Alpha Keto Glutarate Acid. These particular forms of l-arginine are much cheaper because they are not as pure or concentrated. That means you have to consume a much bigger dose of the raw material just to yield the necessary 5,000 mg required to see any health benefits. To sum things up, our “free form” of l-arginine is the premier and preferred form of l-arginin, making L-arginine Plus the top choice compared to other supplements..